Frequently Asked Questions

SALPay for Payroll

How does a business get SALPay as its employee payout system?

To enroll their business in SALPay, employers or payroll administrators need to (1) create a SALPay Corporate Account and (2) submit the following verification documents:

  • SEC Registration, Articles, and By-Laws or DTI Registration
  • General Information Sheet (GIS)
  • BIR 2303 (Certificate of Registration)
  • Audited Financial Statement
  • Business Permit
  • Notarized Secretary’s Certificate
  • Authorized Representative ID
  • Principal Officer/Owner ID
  • Principal Officer ID
  • Implementing Agreement

How can payroll administrators fund their SALPay Corporate account?

Payroll administrators can deposit money into one of our many bank accounts. The money will then be credited to their SALPay Corporate account.

To make the deposit, payroll administrators should go to the SALPay section of Salarium, click Load Funds, and select the bank where they want to want to send their payroll funds to. They will then be presented with the destination account details. The next steps are to fill out the Load Funds form and attach the deposit slip.

Deposits made before 3 PM on a business day will be completed on the same day. If the deposit is made after 3 PM, the funds will reflect on the destination account on the next business day.

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