Your money and life goals in one friendly e-wallet

SAL Pay lets you manage your finances, pay bills, shop, save, apply for loans, and get exclusive discounts with just a few taps and keystrokes. It's designed to help you achieve your dream life -- and make the most of it.


Know how much money you have in total and keep track of your earnings, ATM withdrawals, fund transfers, and purchases.

SAL Pay Card

Make store and ATM transactions securely and anywhere in the world using a debit card.

Bills payment

Send payments using only your mobile phone to over 120 businesses and service providers in the Philippines.

Send money

Transfer money to accounts in major banks in the Philippines even when you're on the go.


With SAL Pay, you can borrow as much money as you need from accredited lenders in the Philippines.

SAL Perks

Enjoy big and exclusive discounts when you avail of products and services offered by our partners.

See how your money moves

To manage your money, you'll need to keep an eye on how it comes and goes. SAL Pay gives you a good view of your total balance and a detailed history of your transactions, whatever channel you used to complete them -- in stores, online, via an ATM, or through your mobile phone.

A card you can use anywhere

Your SAL Pay app comes with a debit Mastercard that you can use in stores and ATMs worldwide. Shop and withdraw wherever you wish to!

Master SecureCode

Enjoy online shopping with enhanced security! Get a private code that merchants won't see -- and that only you and SAL Pay will have access to.

ATM Withdrawals

With a SAL Pay card, you'll never run low on cash. Withdraw from any ATM all over the world that accepts Mastercard.

Transaction Reports

Know whether your card payments went through or not. Your e-wallet frees you from worries by showing you all the transaction details you need.

Lost Cards? Don’t Panic

With the SAL Pay app, you can transfer all your money to another bank account before we block your card to prevent unauthorized use. Access your money as usual! No need to wait for your lost card's replacement.

Paying your bills shouldn't be a chore

We get it: You're too busy to go to payment centers but are too fussy about due dates. With the SAL Pay app, you can pay all your bills -- electric, water, internet, and credit card, among others -- anytime and anywhere! It's time to say goodbye to late payment fees and disconnection notices.

Transfer funds without any hassle

Remember those times when you had to line up in banks or cash-accept machines just to deposit your money? With SAL Pay, you can forget all of that and transfer funds using your smartphone. You can also easily send money to your loved ones by adding their accounts as Favorites.

The country's biggest banks in one handy place

What's freedom? For us, it's the power to move your money to the 10 most trusted banks in the Philippines. Pump up your savings, fulfill your financial obligations, or simply help family and friends in need -- all with just a few clicks.

Get financial help when you need it

As a SAL Pay user, you have the opportunity to be matched with major lenders and financing institutions in the Philippines. Apply for the loan you need with a few clicks and...voila! You'll have the money you need and the best interest rates at your fingertips. SAL Pay cuts down the business risks and costs for accredited lenders, empowering them to come to your rescue when you're deep in the red.

Flash Loan

Borrow money in an instant

Short on cash? Got a financial emergency? Let Flash Loan save the day! Get the amount you need right away and without having to go farther than where your phone is.

Easy Loan

Make a long-term investment

Starting a business? Planning to buy your own house or car? That's easy with Easy Loans! Borrow up to Php250k and choose the amortization period and interest rate that fit your needs to a tee..

Discounts to make your day...soon!

We won't stop at helping you move and manage your money. We also want to see you make the most of it. As a SAL Pay user, you'll soon be entitled to discounts and promos from major restaurants, stores, gasoline stations, airlines, and service providers! It's one thing to scrimp, it's another to savor the sweetest deals. Check back soon to learn more!

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