Frequently Asked Questions

ATM Transactions

Are there charges for doing balance inquiries?

There is a Php 1.00 charge for doing balance inquiries via ATM (either UnionBank or non-UnionBank ATMs). There is no charge for checking your balance via the SALPay app.

How can I withdraw money with my new card?

You can withdraw cash for FREE at any UnionBank ATM. Alternatively, you may also withdraw from any ATM that accepts VISA cards. Do note, however, that charges may apply to withdrawals made from non-UnionBank ATMs.

How much can I withdraw from an ATM in a single transaction?

The withdrawal limit for UnionBank ATMs is Php 20,000. For non-Unionbank transactions, it will depend on the ATM you use but typically ranges from Php 10,000 to Php 20,000.

How much is the charge if I withdraw from non-UnionBank ATMs?

P20.00 per withdrawal.

Can I use my SALPay card to withdraw outside the Philippines?

Yes! You can use your SALPay card to transact using any ATM that accepts Visa.

How do I change my pin?

Unfortunately, once you have set your ATM pin in the app on activation, that will be the only time you can set the pin from the mobile app or ESS. To change your ATM pin, you will have to visit the nearest UnionBank ATM and change your pin from there.

My card was captured by an ATM. What will I do?

In case of card capture, please contact the bank that owns the ATM you used to withdraw and ask them for assistance on how to retrieve your card.

If you need to get a card replacement urgently, please call us at +63 (02) 299-3128 or send us an email at

The ATM won’t dispense any cash. What actions should I take?

If an ATM fails to dispense any cash from your SALPay account, immediately report the incident to us by calling +63 (02) 299-3128.

Take note of the amount that you tried to withdraw, the ATM’s location, and the date and time of the incident. You can also provide a screenshot of your transaction history as shown in the SALPay app or in your Salarium e-wallet.