Account Features

What is SAL Pay and what can I do with it?

A SAL Pay account comes with a Mastercard paired with an e-wallet. With SAL Pay, you can:

  • Withdraw money from ATMs in the Philippines and abroad,
  • Make over-the-counter purchases
  • Shop online
  • Transfer funds to bank accounts
  • Apply for loans up to Php250k
  • Buy prepaid mobile phone load
  • Pay bills

Soon, you’ll also be able to budget, allocate funds, and manage your finances more effectively through the SAL Pay app. More useful features ahead!


Can I deposit money into my SAL Pay account?

Right now, your SAL Pay card and e-wallet can only be funded through salary disbursements made by your employer via Salarium.

We are working with our partners to enable you to deposit money into your SAL Pay account in the future.

A feature that lets you transfer money to other SAL Pay accounts is also in the roadmap.


Can I use SAL Pay to send money to bank accounts for other currencies (eg. US Dollar bank accounts?)

At present, you can transfer money only to Philippine Peso bank accounts using SAL Pay’s Send Money feature.